Koneksa offers self-service capabilities so partners can build their own study or engage with our service teams to build their trials. This flexibility empowers our study partners to build and run their own trials. By leveraging the Koneksa platform’s streamlined study build workflow, your clinical trial can get off the ground quickly while also engaging with our experienced service teams in support of your remote clinical trial. For single-trial clients or those seeking business-wide, multi-trial support, we put you in the driver’s seat. 

Koneksa’s cloud-based, device-agnostic technology is designed to integrate a wide range of data collection devices and patient reported outcome measures in sponsors’ trials. With the capacity to continuously collect and analyze large volumes of data in real time, this industry-leading platform enables earlier insights into your trial, facilitating timely, cost-saving go/no-go decisions. 

Don’t waste your time trying to build your own platform. 

We’ve already done it for you. 

Better for Patients, Better for You 

Our work is driven by the well-being of patients, and we aim to reduce patient burden by streamlining their trial experience. When patients are using multiple data collection devices for a trial and each requires an app with separate login, the risks of user error, low patient compliance, and even dropout all go up.  

We provide an engaging and easy-to-navigate experience that integrates multiple data collection modalities in a unified interface. By providing a pleasant patient experience and smart study notification reminders, patient compliance rates go up, and higher compliance rates = more quality data for your trial. 

With our platform, patient compliance is also easily monitored, and timely non-compliance alerts are delivered to site and study monitoring staff. 

Koneksa delivers full compliance visibility — anytime, anywhere. 


Global Capabilities

With global logistics capabilities, a patient experience that is localized into the languages of your patient population, and real-time remote data collection and processing, Koneksa can provide 24/7 support for your global trial. 

Countries where we have supported partners’ trials.

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None of Our Competitors Have These Combined Capabilities

This is the only “Build Your Own Trial” platform solution capable of integrating data streams from multiple remote data collection devices in a simple, streamlined platform. We do it because we know how hard it is to build on your own.  

  • We make it easier 
  • We make it faster 
  • We make it more flexible 

We are a team of seasoned clinical and data scientists, and that experience gives us the foresight to anticipate challenges that might be difficult for sponsors to predict. Koneksa has already done the hard work of creating the best possible remote clinical trial experience for you and for patients. 

All you have to do is pick it up. 


Do What You Do Best

We help you maintain focus on your trial — where it should be — while our solution securely delivers the digital health data you need:


Securely transferred

Securely stored


Plus, with our training program and 24/7 multilingual support, you can rest assured that Koneksa always has your back.