NEW YORK, Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Koneksa Health announced today the opening of its new corporate headquarters in New York. The company, which enables the biopharmaceutical industry to develop new medicines using digital biomarkers and novel clinical endpoints, also has an office in London as well as U.S.-based teams in Boston, Philadelphia and San Francisco. The new Koneksa headquarters are in New York’s Financial District at 199 Water Street.

“Our rapid growth has driven us to expand our engineering team, so that we can continue to stay ahead of the industry’s rapidly expanding demand for digital endpoints,” said Chris Benko, Koneksa CEO.

The new headquarters includes a dedicated hardware testing lab.

“Koneksa’s SaaS Solution is designed from the ground up to integrate and analyze data from a wide variety of wearables and mobile devices from manufacturers across the globe,” said Rob Ellis, Head of Tech R&D at Koneksa. The critical requirement is data quality and patient usability as we continue to add new devices to our portfolio.  New devices are announced almost daily.  With our hardware lab and our industry-leading testing practices, we can quickly determine which devices are fit for purpose for our clients’ studies.”

The 199 Water offices embody many of the latest design features and best practices.

“We are excited to relocate to our new and larger office,” said Vik Shah, Koneksa COO.  This move represents another significant milestone for our fast growth at Koneksa Health.  Our goal for the new office space is to accommodate our growing team and provide an environment that drives creativity, innovation and collaboration to achieve our mission. It also enables us to hire additional talent and host our customers in a beautiful and historical part of Manhattan.”

About Koneksa Health

Koneksa Health is a private company that enables the biopharmaceutical industry to develop new medicines with fewer patients. By unlocking the potential of real-world data from remote, wearable, and other digital technologies, Koneksa speeds up the time required to understand how a drug is working and helps to develop real-world evidence for how medicines can impact the daily lives of patients.

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